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About Veronica

Veronica Friello is ecstatic, in tune, and in love with the natural world! Growing up in the suburbs of a Chicago, she found inspiration to play and create potions and elixirs in the magical forests behind her home. She spent after-school hours identifying plants, and she was quite certain they were identifying her, beckoning her toward an adulthood of natural wonder. She followed this call of the wild unknown and her own adventurous, free spirit to the west, camping and attending festivals in lush, medicinal forests, and eventually finding home among the friendly, drooping cedars and nettles of the Pacific Northwest. Veronica lives with her fiancé and their pack of fur babies in the foothills of Mt. Baker where she creates happiness and home.



About Wild Child

Wild Child Herbs was conjured beneath the solar eclipse in August 2017 at the Eclipse Festival in Oregon. During a week of clarity, dance, breath, and living the life she loves, Veronica realized her inherent gifts, skills, and passion. Thus, her “Wild Child” was born. By September of the same year business began. At the heart of Wild Child Herbs is a healer whose passion is to create plant-powered products to heal bodies, hearts, and minds from the inside out.

Wild Child Herbs creates products with the highest quality, organic ingredients, wild-crafted and fair trade, products for in and on your body, made with love from beginning to end.