I have been using Ache Away Soothing Massage Oil made by WCH. I use it in my very busy massage practice. My clients love the smell and they notice the calming effects. For me it boosts the effects of my treatments, has amazing glide and a little goes a long way. I feel good knowing that I am using a locally sourced organic product that has so many amazing healing properties
— Susanna Alongi, Owner Shanti Healing Arts Center, Holistic Massage Practitioner and Birth Doula
Wild Child Herbs provides great results with natural ingredients! After seeing how well the REM Blend works for my restlessness, I recently tried the Ache Away Muscle salve on my hand. The results were noticable that day. After multiple applications, I saw drastic improvement when paired with ice packs/heat. Looking forward to trying other products as well. Their customer service is always quick and friendly!
— Cornelius 
I love the Wild Child products. The elderberry syrup is so delicious, even my toddler loves to drink it up! It is an essential for our health routine especially in the winter. Also, the Sacred Bond salve is so soft. I will definitely be ordering again.
— Kayley, Herbalist, Mama
I use their sleep aid when I have trouble falling asleep. It works well and doesn’t leave me “groggy” in the morning like other over the counter meds do.
— Cyndy
Wild Child Herbs Happy Paws dog healing salve has helped tremendously with my sensitive Boston Terrier coat. A light layer of this balm with refrain me from itching and prevent any further hot spots.
— Rockstar Future, Boston Terrier
This little bottle of Zen has been a lifesaver for me lately. I battle chronic anxiety that never seems to end. It’s become so bad I feel like I can’t breath, I’m paralyzed, socializing is hard, getting dressed is a struggle and activities I love seem to be too big of a stressful task to start. I started taking Wild Child Herbs Zen Blend tincture when I feel a panic attack start to take over and it has tremendously helped chill me out. Wild Child Herbs has plenty of other amazing locally made products from spices to salves.
— Sarah
I’ve been using the salve for almost a month now and it works great every time. I tore a bunch of ligaments in my shoulder a year and a half ago so my shoulder is sore every day. I use the salve a few times a day to ease the pain and it works really well and provides a nice soothing and cool feeling. This is the first time I’ve used something to combat the pain and I’m glad I chose Wild Child Herbs to be my medicine. Keep being great people and spreading love. I will be placing another order soon!!
— Brady